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PR Support for B2B and B2C Marketing

B2B and B2C marketing communications require PR support.

Communication efforts are directed at building up the brand in the B2B sector (where the target audience includes the business community and various companies) and in the B2C sector (where the target audience includes individuals that consume goods and services directly), as well as presenting the end-user performance of the brand’s goods and services.

Traditional marketing is no longer capable of properly maximizing sales. The target audience, be it individuals or businesses, is becoming more and more demanding towards goods and services. Consumers are no longer satisfied with simply obtaining a pack of milk or detergent, a vacuum cleaner, a tour to Egypt, a health insurance policy, a batch of building tiles, lighting equipment, software, and so on. 

The B2C audience needs engagement, emotions, meaning, status, and many other factors that generate added values. The B2B audience looks for reliability, flexibility, etc.

All of these product, service, and brand qualities are conveyed to the audience through advertising and various marketing events, but what really makes them memorable is PR. 

We, in turn, help our clients formulate clear PR goals and find PR solutions that are guaranteed to work.

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