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What technologies do work in B2B PR and marketing?

June 24, 2019

21 June 2019 in Moscow was held the third B2B Communication Forum dedicated to the product and brand communications in B2B. The event was organized by Fresh Russian Communications agency, B2B Journal and polygraph company Print Flow Management.

More than 150 PR specialists, marketing experts and communicators from B2B companies visited the annual forum. All the participants highly appreciated the level of the business program and its organization. To their opinion, speakers’ insights and data can be easily applied for their own business.

Inga Korchagina, Head of Brand & Communications region Eastern Europe in Hilti, opened the forum reporting on the general future direction of B2B Communications. According to the speaker, the most effective current instruments of B2B PR and marketing are digital, executive’s personal brand and brand ambassadors.

Kristina Nevskaya, Head of Siemens Press Service in Russia, presented the newest ways of building communication campaigns in B2B.      

Julia Fedotchenko, Marketing Department Head of SM Trade, gave historical preconditions of the conflict between marketers and sales managers and the most effective tips of solving it. 

Anna Feoktistova, PR Director of ATOL, explained why and where it is necessary to publish informative content to increase company’s presence in the media field and what results can be expected. 

Alexey Marushevskiy, business consultant of ABM expert agency, told the audience about the basic principles of using Account-Based Marketing and its effective instruments.  

Anastasia Timoshina, Director of Corporate Relations in Mars Pet Care and Food, giving an example of her company explained how to react on crisis situation.  

Next speaker to raise a relevant problem was Yana Bubnova, Marketing Department Head in OTC.ru. She presented a case “How to take a leading position in the market with minimal cash costs in the shortest period?”.   

Olga Bondareva, founder of B2B agency «Digital Power» and ex-head of Microsoft SMM department in North and East Europe, shared her experience of using Social Selling for the IT product promotion.  

How to overcome long-lasting crisis in an unusual way, explained Olga Ivanova, Marketing Department Head of SIEGENIA GRUPPE in North-East Europe. The company created brand platform, oriented toward distributors, to reduce the negative consequences of the sales crisis in the plastic windows market.     


Anastasia Drozdova, Acvarius PR manager, gave an example of using such instruments as hate, hype and battle in the promotion of B2B product.   

Lidia Kapitanova, Marketing Department Head in SHL Russia&CIS, and Lyudmila Gulbiyakova, marketing support specialist in SHL Russia&CIS, told the audience preconditions, stages and results of the digital transformation in B2B company.   

Elizabeth Petrova, PR manager in BDO Unicon Outsourcing, concentrated on the brand ambassadors describing how to bring them up inside the company, possible difficulties to face and expected results to get.

Adam Turaev, co-founder of Cleverbots Company, concluded business program of the forum with the report about the opportunities of artificial intelligence in the B2B promotion.

During the forum Ksenia Alekseeva, organizer of B2B Communication Forum and managing partner of Fresh Russian Communications agency, introduced the research in the field of B2B communications conducted together by FRC agency and B2B Research agency.     

All the photos from forum are available on Facebook.