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The program of the St. Petersburg Fresh Russian Communications Conference 2017

September 23, 2017

On September 29, Fresh Russian Communications Conference 2017 will be held again in St. Petersburg. This is an annual conference on innovation in communications for PR specialists, DIGITAL PR and EVENT. The central theme of the conference is "Technologies vs Budget". Speakers will talk about new tools of work and answer the question whether communication can be effective without a budget.


Ksenia Alekseeva, Managing Partner, Fresh Russian Communications
Introductory speech of the organizers. Innovation in communications: technology vs budget
Evgeniya Shanskaya , Head of PR & Production MAAS AGENCY and Yana Kharitonova, Communications Adviser MAAS AGENCY
Media Relations: the usual in new way
Ekaterina Artemieva, PR-director of the company "Gerofarm"
Technologies of corporate PR business efficiency: the budget is not a panacea
Anna Kirillova, Head of Public Relations Department, Dodidone
PR-support of the company's ICO
Dmitry Shkolnikov, journalist, communications adviser
What is wrong with traditional texts?
Ksenia Rabinovich, head of the marketing and PR department of the "Wallet" app
The story of one column. How we created a corporate blog and did not regret it.
Timofey Butyrin, creator of BeSeed
Video Adaptation for digital. The value of creativity for the online audience.
Alexei Zadunaisky, creative director of BCA Marketing
Augmented reality, or the unrealistic possibilities of digital marketing
Olga Tsygankova, CEO of Socialist Media
Multichannel media - media without websites
Anastasia Polonskaya, Press Secretary of the FinTech Association
EVENT - PR from A to Z: business event technologies and tools.
Svetlana Nikulina, Director of the Strategic Development and Marketing Department of SIAB Bank and Maria Litvinova, Head of PR Department of SIAB Bank
Special events as an effective communication tool
Olga Streltsova, Head of Marketing Communications, DHL Express
One event for different audiences. How to get the maximum effect.
Alexandra Shevyakova, Marketing Manager, "1C-Bitrix"
How 5 employees could provide 480 partner events per year
Ksenia Alekseeva, Managing Partner, Fresh Russian Communications
The event as a tool for communication in the B2B area
The conference will be held on September 29 from 10:00 to 19:00 at the hotel “Moscow”, St. Petersburg, Alexander Nevsky Square, 2. At the end of the event, participants will be able to have dinner with speakers in non-formal environment.
The booking service is available on TimePad.ru and on the conference website www.frc-conf.com/spb2017. The cost of tickets is from 3,500 to 10,000 rubles.
The general partner of the conference is SCAN-Interfax. Official partners are B2B Journal and information portal Peterburg2.ru.
The conference is supported by Interfax, AKOS, AKAR, RAEK, Adindex.ru, PR News, PRonline, REG.RU, MAPP, NP "Russian Guild of Managers and Developers".
Конференция проходит при поддержке Интерфакс, АКОС, АКАР, РАЭК, Adindex.ru, PR News, PRonline, REG.RU, МАПП, НП «Российская гильдия управляющих и девелоперов».
The official hashtag of the conference: #FRCconf2017
Organizer Contacts:
+7 499 270 60 41, spb@frc-conf.com , www.frc-conf.com/spb2017
About the conference
Fresh Russian Communications Conference – The only annual multidisciplinary conference for PR-specialists in Russia devoted to the use of innovative technologies in communication work. For the first time the conference was held in 2016 in Moscow and St. Petersburg, gathering 35 experts шт communication sphere and more than 250 participants.
About the organizer
Fresh Russian Communications (FRC) – communication agency, founded in Moscow in 2012. The agency provides services for the creation, development and integrated promotion of the brand, raising the recognition of the company and top management, managing business reputation and corporate image, anti-crisis response and the formation of favorable relations with the public groups. The agency website: www.frc-pr.com. 
The FRC agency organizes three annual thematic conferences for marketing and specialists in communication: www.frc-conf.com, and also manages B2B Journal - an online magazine about communications in the B2B business.