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II Fresh Russian Communications Conference 2017 has been finished in Moscow

April 28, 2017

The second Fresh Russian Communications Conference 2017 was hosted on 12 April in Moscow. The main topics of the conference were: phigital-transformation, new formats of press events, native projects, newscasting, emotional communication, trendwatching, video content, event communications, storytelling and using techniques of American TV series in advertising and PR.

The conference was opened by Ksenia Alekseeva, the managing partner of the communication Agency Fresh Russian Communications. Ksenia was describing trends in communication in 2017, which formed the basis of the program of the conference. In the framework of three thematic sessions were given by experts from companies and agencies, using the most current technology.



Eugene Shanskaya, the head of PR&Production AGENCY MAAS, revealed the theme phigital-transformation-changing communications industry and defining the need for PR digital tools along with traditional ones.


Nadezhda Sedova, the head of promotion of the project SKAN-Interfax, shared the experience of measuring the effectiveness of newscasting one of the most effective PR tool in recent years. The speaker presented a diagram of newscasting and talked about the best cases on the market with the use of this technology, identified the SCAN-Interfax.


Evgeniy Kovrin, the commercial Director in Sports.ru, raised the discussion on the topic of competition the classical media relations and native advertising. The speaker told about how to make native projects in Sports.ru and gave examples of the most successful cases over the last year.


A round table on the topic “New formats of media events”, moderated by the head of PR-direction FOM, Svetlana Ashheulova, was completed the first section of the conference. Participants of the round table: Svetlana Ashheulova (Public Opinion Foundation(FOM)), Anastasia Anichenkova (Dell EMC), Eugeniya Lampadova (Lamp Agency), Anna Zagumennaya (PR Partner), Yana Kharitonova (city of the XXI century), Elena Shedova (Softline) spoke about such formats of press events as a media speed dating, quests, discussion clubs, master classes, excursions, informal and semi-formal events. The participants of the round table pointed out that press conferences and press tours were held less and less. Meanwhile,all the experts agreed that the main role was played not so much the format of  the events, as the content itself.



The second section of Fresh Russian Communications Conference 2017 was opened by Ksenia Lery, the head of the trend-Bureau Trendsquire, speaking about Trendwatching in communication technologies of identifying trends before implementing communication campaigns.


Damir Faizullov,the director of social media PR Partner, spoke about the new post formats in social networks, drawing attention to the fact that the decisive role played by relevant content and form of its submission.

Ekaterina Belousova,the communications Director at Lingualeo, spoke about the emotions in communications. “PR is not equal to “communication””, says Catherine. Communication is the process of building the relationships, which is not possible without work with emotions and perception.


Anastasia Elaeva,the head of corporate communications Grayling Russia, began her presentation, describing how the “experience economy” works. The speaker claimed that more and more commercial brands turned to the sphere of culture and art to add creative dimension to their positioning and to bring relations with target audiences to a new level. In confirmation of this trend Anastasia brought cases of the most successful projects of brands and art.


In the second section Julia Arsenova, the co-founder of the Agency video marketing BeSeed, describing the trends in video marketing. Julia told about the technology of creating a successful short video, shared with the participants the components of a good video, told about the technological and psychological factors affecting the chronometers and the inner “filling”  of the video,which was popular that day.



The third section of the conference was opened by Yaroslav Kataev, the director of creative Agency “Tomsawyer”, telling about the secrets American TV series to advertising and PR. What are the similarities between advertising and PR, the Greek theatre and the American series? Yaroslav explained that they were all fighting for people’s attention, and the American TV series did the best then. The reason for this is drama, which is created according to certain rules. 


The section “Direction of communication” by Anastasia Polonskaya, CEO & Founder of Studio Brave Mind Education, continued this theme. Anastasia was describing the event as the communication. “The objective of any event is shaping the industry, raising the audience to the organizer’s thinking” says Anastasia. The speaker told about how to do the right activities, about the main mistakes of organizers and ways to solve them.

The conference was concluded by Dmitry Kirillov, the President of the company Cerevrum Inc. Dmitry spoke about the possibilities of using virtual reality in communication. Today modern technology without any problems is allowed, for example, to organize an event with immersion in virtual reality. VR allows you to engage in communication, to personally demonstrate the product or service, provide the possibility of interaction with the product and much more.


“The second Fresh Russian Communications Conference gathered more than 150 people from t throughout Russia and CIS from Kaliningrad to Novosibirsk, from Petrozavodsk to Baku. Interest in the conference grows, many participants came for the second time, we supported more than 80 partners - all this is the best indication that we are moving in the right direction. On 29 September, a similar conference will be held in St. Petersburg, and from it we also await a lot», - sums up the conference Ksenia Alekseeva.

The General partner of the conference was the SKAN-Interfax.

Photos from the conference are available on the Agency FRC on Facebook

The Conference website: www.msk.frc-conf.com