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Event Management

The Event is the most colourful and bright informational ground for your company. It is absolutely necessary to thoroughly prepare all of its details so it becomes memorized. We work with reliable contractors who specialize in conference halls’ rent, equipment mounting, logistics,  catering and manufacture of polygraphic  production and souvenirs. We have a highly experienced team of event-specialists who deals with event management itself. Our team has been engaged in many events of different scale and format in Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, Krasnoyarsk, Perm and other Russian cities.

For us every event is a unique project which is made for accomplishing your company’s specific tasks. Our events can be easily distinguished from the others’ by their quality, reliability and high effectiveness.

Events for journalists:

  • Press-conference and briefing
  • Local press tours or company press tours
  • Press-breakfast, press-lunch, press-dinner

Events for business partners:

  • Presentation of a product (also service or project)
  • Seminar and round-table discussion
  • Conference (branch, subject or event-trigger)
  • Business-lunch with the assistance of the press

Events for company employees:

  • Corporative event inside the company or on the external ground
  • Festive banquet on the occasions of the New Year, company’s birthday, the Women’s Day, the 23rd of February
  • Trainings (sales, communicative, media-trainings)

Brand events:

  • Interviews in printed media, on the radio and TV
  • Air on TV or radio programs
  • Webinar with the partners
  • Masterclass inside the company, on the external ground and at the universities

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